Hair Accessories

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  • Cherry with Green Bow Hair Clip, WWII Style


    Our Cherry with Green Bow Hair Clip is in the style of hair accessories worn during WWII.

  • Movie Wave Hair Curling Set

  • Snood, WW2

    Snood, White, Red, Blue, Navy and Black, WWII Style

    Our Snood is ideal for your WWII Style Hair.  The Snoods come in White, Red, Royal Blue, Navy. Blue and Black.


  • Sta-Rite Hair Roller, WWII Reproduction box with modern hair roll inside


    Our Sta-Rite Hair Roller is a reproduction of a WWII era box.

  • Victory Hair Pins


    Our reproduction box of Victory Hair Pins contains modern hair pins for your use.

  • Wave Net, Auburn Snood



  • Wave Net, Black Snood



  • Wave Net, Dark Brown Snood



  • Wave Net, Light Brown Snood



  • Wood Hair Brush, WWII Style


    WWII Style Wood Brush is a modern brush, like the ones used during the war.

  • Wooden Comb


    WWII Style Wood Comb is a modern comb, like the ones used during the war.

  • WWII Turban, ww2

    WWII Turban


    This WWII Turban is made from a WWII pattern, perfect for holding (or hiding) your hair in its set or in curlers.  Every WAC, Nurse and WAVE should have them in their footlocker or kit.  This style Turban was worn by the Americans and the British.

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