British Empire

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  • Gear / Equipment

    Gear / Equipment (14)

  • Personal Items

    Personal Items (19)

  • Rations

    Rations (9)

  • Shaving

    Shaving (9)

  • Smoking

    Smoking (12)

    Smoking was a relaxing pastime for British soldiers as well as American ones. Cigarettes, pipes and smoking tobacco were issued and available for purchase at the NAAFI.
  • Toiletries

    Toiletries (19)

  • Uniforms

    Uniforms (9)

  • Mess

    Mess (4)

  • 444 Aftershave Gel

    444 Aftershave Gel


    444 Aftershave Gel is a highly refreshing aftershave that soothe and softens skin.

  • wwii british action ration tin repro

    Action Ration Tin, WWII British Army Reproduction


    This Action Ration Tin is empty, so you can fill it with the food of your choice.

  • Black Comb short

    Black Pocket Comb, Short


  • Tie black service 1

    Black Service Tie


  • German Wristlets WWII reproduction

    Blue Gray Wristlets / Wrist Hand Warmers, WWII German or British RAF


    WWII reproduction Blue Wool Wristlets / Wrist Hand Warmers are made by Mom from a WWII knitting pattern.

  • wwii British 24 hour ration replica

    British 24 Hour Ration, WWII Reproduction


  • british wwii shoulder bag square

    British Army Shoulder Bag, WWII


    Our British Army Shoulder Bag is postwar production.

  • British dominos wwii

    British Dominos WWII Reproduction Box with Modern Dominos


    Our WWII Reproduction Box of British Domins contains modern Dominos.

  • BritishShoePolish

    British Military Black Shoe Polish Reproduction



  • Shoe Polish British Neutral

    British Military Neutral Shoe Polish Reproduction


  • British Playing Cards

    British Playing Cards WWII Reproduction Box with Modern Playing Cards


    Our WWII Reproduction Box of British Playing Cards contains modern Playing Cards.

  • British Poker Dice

    British Poker Dice WWII Reproduction Box with Modern Dice


    Our WWII Reproduction Box of British Dice contains modern Poker Dice.

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