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  • British Army Shoulder Bag, WWII


    Our British Army Shoulder Bag is postwar production.

  • WWI WWII Tommy Cooker

    British Tommy Cooker, WWI & WWII Reproduction


    Our Tommy Cooker is a  WWII British Reproduction,

  • British War Department Book / Journal, WWII Reproduction


    The WD, War Department, Book / Journal is a WWII British Reproduction box that contains blank pages for your use.

  • Bulldog Friction Tape, WWII Reproduction

  • Canadian CRAF Royal Air Force Holster , WWII Original dated 1942


    This Canadian Royal Air Force Holster is used and is dated 1942.

  • Enamel Mug

  • General Purpose OD Green Strap, WWII Reproduction British Army


    This British General Purpose Strap is 31 1/2 inches Long and 1 inch Wide and is a Reproduction of the WWII British Army General Purpose Strap.

  • Khaki Bandage, WWII British Reproduction


    Our Khaki Bandage box is a reproduction of a WWII British Khaki Bandage, with a modern gauze bandage roll inside of the box.

  • Original WWII British Engineer / Respirator Bag

  • Original WWII British Map Case Clip Board

  • Rifle Cleaning Patches, WWII British Army


    Reproduction WWII British Army Rifle Cleaning Patches, wrapped in brown paper with an appropriate WWII label.

  • WWII British Army Mess Kit Bag with Broad Arrow, Reproduction


    Our WWII British Mess Kit Bag has attached ties, so the bag can be closed, as it did during WWII.

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