Smoking was a relaxing pastime for British soldiers as well as American ones. Cigarettes, pipes and smoking tobacco were issued and available for purchase at the NAAFI.

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  • Cigarette Tin, WWII British Army Reproduction


    This United Kingdom Cigarette Tin is a reproduction.

  • Player Cigarette NAAFI Box, WWII British Army Reproduction


    WWII  British Army NAAFI Player cigarette box is a reproduction.

  • WWI / WWII Foxhole Trench Lighter


    This modern production Trench Lighter is a reproduction of the tyle used during WWI and WWII.

  • WWII Craven A Cigarette Box, WW2

    WWII Craven A Cigarette Box, 20 Pack, British Reproduction


    Our Craven “A” Cigarettes Box is a reproduction from an original 1940’s Craven “A” Cigarette 20 pack Box in our collection.

  • WWII Tommy Lighter


    Our Tommy Lighter box is a reproduction of a WWII Tommy Lighter box.

  • Placeholder

    Zippo Black Crackle Lighter


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