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  • Insignia

    Insignia (17)

    Badges, Patches, and other accoutrement for German uniforms.
  • Sports Shirts

    Sports Shirts (13)

  • Gear / Equipment

    Gear / Equipment (50)

  • Medical

    Medical (10)

    German medical suppliers before and during WWII included a few household names, namely Bayer, Merk, and Nivea.  The Germans took pride in their medical advancements, although some of their medical achievements had dubious side effects.  Some salves and ointments contained what we now know to be toxic, heavy metals or radioactive materials.  However, the most notorious was their use of crystal meth to help soldiers in combat.These replica German medical items are all reproduction props and are either dummy-filled or contain modern, safe substitutes.
  • Field Office Supplies / Writing

    Field Office Supplies / Writing (17)

  • Shaving

    Shaving (20)

    Like their Allied counterparts, shaving was an important part of service life for Germans.  Gas masks don't work with facial hair. While you'll find pictures of soldiers in Alpine units, in the Kriegsmarines, and on the Ostfront to have facial hair, the general Soldat would not. German shaving items are similar to the American and British versions, although plastic / bakelite razors appear to be more popular, as were straight razors.
  • Smoking

    Smoking (6)

  • Uniforms

    Uniforms (50)

  • Weapons

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  • Mess

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  • Rations

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  • Toiletries

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  • Personal items

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    Sports (17)

  • 444 Aftershave Gel


    444 Aftershave Gel is a highly refreshing aftershave that soothe and softens skin.

  • 4711 Cologne Watch Bottle


    This is a new, unopened bottle of 4711. imported from Germany. The watch bottle is a 40’s style bottle that’s perfect for carrying in the German soldier’s bread bag.

  • WWII German Phonograph Needles

    50 Langspielnadein WWII German Phonograph Needles


    Our 50 Langspielnadein tin is a reproduction of the tin used for German Phonograph needles for the soldier’s 78 records.

  • Adolf Hitler Jackknife, WWII Reproduction

  • Camera Film Box WWII German ww2

    Agfa Isopan Camera Film Box WWII German Reproduction


    Our Agfr Isopan Camera Film Box is a reproduction of a WWII German Camera Film Box.  The box is empty.

  • Ammunition Box, WWII German Army Heer Wehrmacht Reproduction


    This WWII German Ammunition Box is a reproduction of an original in our collection.

  • Austrian Cap

  • Baren Boch Bier Bottle, WWII German Army Reproduction Beer


    This Baren Boch Beer Bottle is a reproduction of a German Beer Bottle.

  • Belt Keeper, WWII German Reproduction


    Our WWII German Army Belt Keeper is Black and made of Leather.

  • Biscuit Ration – Union Keks


    WWII German Union Keks Biscuit Ration reproduction package.

  • Black Pocket Comb, Short

  • Black Service Tie


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