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  • Eckstein Cigaretten, WWII German Army Cigarette Ration


    Our Eckstein Cigaretten German Cigarette box is reproduction, liked the one used during WWII.

  • German Wappen-Schäg Tobacco Package


    This is a reproduction of a WWII German Tobacco Package.

  • Imco Cigarette LIghter, WWII German Army Reproduction


    This Imco lighter was made by the Imco company, which is now out of business.

  • Metal Cigarette Case with 1938 map engraving

  • Metal Cigarette Case with 1940 map engraving

  • WWI / WWII Foxhole Trench Lighter


    This modern production Trench Lighter is a reproduction of the tyle used during WWI and WWII.

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