British and American home front items for men, women and children

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  • Household Items

    Household Items (13)

  • T-shirts

    T-shirts (6)

  • Children's Toys

    Children's Toys (18)

  • 1940s Lifebuoy Bar Soap – small size

  • 1940s Lifebuoy Soap – Large Bath Size

  • American Ace Harmonica, WWII Reproduction

  • B17 airplane tin toy Flying Fortress Airplane

    B17 Airplane Tin Toy, Flying Fortress

  • B17 Flying Fortress Airplane Tin Toy

    B17 Flying Fortress Airplane Tin Toy, WWII Reproduction US Army Air Force

  • Blue Gray Wristlets / Wrist Hand Warmers, WWII German or British RAF

  • Boxing Ring tin Toy

    Boxing Ring Tin Toy, Joe Louis Max Schmeling

  • Bright Star D Batteries, WWII US Army Reproduction

  • WW2 Buy War Bonds T Shirt

    Buy War Bonds T Shirt, Men’s WWII reproduction

  • Rosie the Riveter T shirt WWI ww2

    Consolidated Aircraft Factory Rosie the Riveter T Shirt

  • Consolidated Aircraft San Diego Factory T Shirt WWII Reproduction

  • Curtis Biplane Tin toy Green WWI

    Curtis Biplane Tin Toy, Green WWI


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