Our WW2 War Worker and Rosie the Riveter t-shirts feature original WWII designs and are either inspired by or are exact reproductions of civilian t-shirts. We’ve seen factory themed clothing for many of the major aircraft factories.

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  • WW2 Buy War Bonds T Shirt

    Buy War Bonds T Shirt, Men’s WWII reproduction


    “Buy War Bonds” was a common slogan during WWII.  This For Victory Buy War Bonds T shirt is a sample of the huge campaign run by the U.S. Government during the war.

  • Rosie the Riveter T shirt WWI ww2

    Consolidated Aircraft Factory Rosie the Riveter T Shirt


    This Rosie the Riveter Consolidated Aircraft San Diego T shirt is a reproduction from an original WWII T-shirt in our collection. The shirt says “Consolidated Aircraft San Diego” with a B-24 bomber in the center.


  • Consolidated Aircraft San Diego Factory T Shirt WWII Reproduction

  • WWII Remember Pearl Harbor T Shirt Reproduction, ww2

    Remember Pearl Harbor T Shirt, Men’s WWII reproduction


    The WWII Remember Pearl Harbor T shirt also shows the letter V for Victory on the shirt, with the dot dot dot dash graphic, the Morse Code for the letter V.  Remember Pearl Harbor was a rallying slogan during WWII.


  • WWII Victory Garden T shirt, WW2

    WWII Victory Garden T Shirt Reproduction


    This WWII Victory Garden T Shirt is inspired by original WWII Victory Garden designs.

  • WWII War Worker T Shirt, ww2

    WWII War Worker T Shirt


    This War Worker T Shirt is a reproduction of a WWII design.  This War Worker T shirt is screened by hand and variation in colors naturally occur, as they did during WWII.

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