US Military reproductions for your Army, Air Corps, Navy or Marine museum exhibit, theatrical production, or living history display.

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    WWII medical supplies were the backbone of the modern Army.  The invention of new, life-saving medical techniques were quickly brought the front lines and made it possible to save more wounded then ever before.
  • Field Disk and Office Supplies

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  • WWII Rations

    WWII Rations (70)

    By 1944, the US Army had a wide assortment of ration sets for any and every military situation.  Tropical rations were designed to beat the heat and humidity. 10-1 and 5-1 squad rations fed larger units, while K-rations and D-ration bars were designed for the soldier on the move.  Air Crew rations were easy on the stomach and designed to give pilots a pick me up.  Larger ration packs went directly to field kitchens for mess.
  • Shaving Products

    Shaving Products (24)

    s-l1600-30    No GI impression is complete without a shaving kit.  Fill your toiletry roll with a period correct safety razor and a good brushless shaving cream. Of course, some 1940's men argued that a shaving soap sticks and pucks created a superior lather.  Just don't forget the brush and a mug to whip it up. And for those who go preferred a close shave, folding razors and strops were still readily available.Issued WWII safety razors came in a variety of types, although the most common was a two-piece model in either metal or plastic / bakelite. 
  • Smoking

    Smoking (32)

    Cigarettes were such a big part of WWII that it seems as if every American soldier, sailor, and marine had a pack of Lucky Strikes in his shirt pocket.
  • Toiletries

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    Toiletries were usually among a GI's only personal items that he could carry with him into battle.  The simplicities of life often involved a bar of soap, a toothbrush, and a comb.  Despite the fact that toiletries were sold by the Post Exchange and Ship Stores and distributed by the Red Cross and other charity organizations, there were still reported problems with shortages of basic personal items.  On the homefront, stores and catalogs advertised an assortment of pouches, bags, cases, and gift sets to keep your favorite soldier clean and tidy.   Interestingly, these were often available without the use of ration points, as long as they were sent to military personnel.
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  • .45 Caliber Magazine Pouch, WWII Reproduction US Army


    This .45 Caliber Magazine Pouch is a WWII Reproduction.

  • 10 to 1 Box 1st Half, U.S. Army Field Ration, WWII Reproduction


    This 10 to 1 Box, First Half, is a WWII Reproduction.

  • 10 to 1 Box 2nd Half, U.S. Army Field Ration, WWII Reproduction


    This 10 to 1 Box, Second Half, is a WWII Reproduction.

  • WWII 100th Division shirt, WW2 reproduction

    100th Division Shirt, US Army WWII Reproduction T Shirt


    This U.S. Army 100th Division shirt is a reproduction of an original WWII PT shirt.  This WWII T Shirt has U.S. Army 100th Division on the front with the 100th Infantry Division’s shield insignia.

  • 101st Paratroops Airborne Division PT Shirt, US Army WWII Reproduction


    This U.S. Army 101st Infantry PT shirt is a reproduction from an original WWII PT shirt and is screened by hand so variation in colors naturally occur.

  • 1912 Swivel Holster, WWII Reproduction US Army


    Our 1912 Swivel Holster is for all Standard 1911 / 1911A1 .45 auto pistols with standard sights.

  • 1916 .45 Hip Holster, WWII Reproduction US Army


    This Model 1916 Tan Buffed Leather Holster is the WWII style Holster for the .45 Revolver.

  • 1917 .45 Colt Revolver Hip Holster, WWII Reproduction US Army


    This Leather Holster was originally designed for the 1917 .45 Colt Revolver

  • 1936 Suspenders, WWII Reproduction US Army


    These Suspenders are a Reproduction of the 1936 Style WWII Suspenders.

  • 1940s Lifebuoy Bar Soap – small size

  • 1940s Lifebuoy Soap – Large Bath Size


    This soap is a WWII reproduction of a bath-sized Lifebuoy soap.  Inside the reproduction cardboard box packaging is a usable bar of modern Lifebuoy soap.

  • 1942 Combat Knife with Leather Sheath, WWII US Army Reproduction


    This Combat knife is 13 inches long with the Leather sheath and is a reproduction of a WWII Combat Knife

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