WWII medical supplies were the backbone of the modern Army.  The invention of new, life-saving medical techniques were quickly brought the front lines and made it possible to save more wounded then ever before.

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    10 Carlisle Packet Box WW!! WW2

    10 Carlisle Packet Box, WWII First Aid

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    5 Morphine Syrette Box WWII WW2

    5 Syrettes Morphine Box, WWII US Army

  • Airborne First Aid Packet, Paratrooper, WWII Reproduction

  • WWII Ammonia Inhalant Box

    Ammonia Inhalant Box aka Smelling Salts, WWII Reproduction

  • Army Issue Chapstick aka Lipstick, Anti-Chap

  • WWII Benzedrine Sulfate Box, ww2 reproduction

    Benzedrine Sulfate Box, WWII Reproduction

  • Dummy Morphine Syrette U.S. Army, WWII Repro

  • WWII Iodine Swab Box, ww2 reproduction

    Iodine Swab Box, WWII Reproduction

  • Large Battle Dressing U.S. Army Carlisle Model, WWII Reproduction

  • Medical Department Tin, U.S. Army WWII Reproduction

  • WWII Morphine Syrette Box, ww2

    Morphine Syrette Box, WWII Reproduction

  • Motion Sickness Box, U.S. Army Ration, WWII Reproduction


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