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s-l1600-30    No GI impression is complete without a shaving kit.  Fill your toiletry roll with a period correct safety razor and a good brushless shaving cream. Of course, some 1940’s men argued that a shaving soap sticks and pucks created a superior lather.  Just don’t forget the brush and a mug to whip it up. And for those who go preferred a close shave, folding razors and strops were still readily available.

Issued WWII safety razors came in a variety of types, although the most common was a two-piece model in either metal or plastic / bakelite.


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  • 444 Aftershave Gel

  • Barbasol Shaving Cream in 1940s WWII Reproduction Box

  • Burma Shave Shaving Brush

    Burma Shave Shaving Brush

  • Gem Safety Razor – Twist Open, WWII Reproduction Gem Box

  • New

    Green Cotton Bath Towel WWII WW2 OD

    Green Cotton Bath Towel

  • Green Terry Cloth Towel

  • Leather Shaving Strop

  • Mennen Brushless Shave Box, WW2 Reproduction

    Mennen Brushless Shave Box 1940s WWII Reproduction

  • WWII Molle Shaving Cream Box

    Molle Shaving Cream Box, WWII Reproduction

  • Navy Toiletry Apron Roll Gift Set, WWII WW2

    Navy Toiletry Apron Roll Gift Set, WWII USN Reproduction

  • Old Spice Aftershave Lotion, Classic Scent

  • New

    Old Spice Cologne

    Old Spice Cologne, Classic Scent


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