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s-l1600-30    No GI impression is complete without a shaving kit.  Fill your toiletry roll with a period correct safety razor and a good brushless shaving cream. Of course, some 1940’s men argued that a shaving soap sticks and pucks created a superior lather.  Just don’t forget the brush and a mug to whip it up. And for those who go preferred a close shave, folding razors and strops were still readily available.

Issued WWII safety razors came in a variety of types, although the most common was a two-piece model in either metal or plastic / bakelite.


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  • 444 Aftershave Gel


    444 Aftershave Gel is a highly refreshing aftershave that soothe and softens skin.

  • Barbasol Shaving Cream in 1940s WWII Reproduction Box


    Our WWII Barbasol is in a Reproduction WWII box, with modern Barbasol Shaving Cream inside the box.

  • Black Wood Handle Shaving Brush WW@

    Black Wood Handle Shaving Brush, WWII Style


    Our wooden handled shaving brush is perfect for softening those whiskers while out of the field.  This modern brush is the same style used during WWII and is good for display and for the actual shaving of your face.

  • Burma Shave Shaving Brush

    Burma Shave Shaving Brush


    Burma Shave Shaving Brush has a Two Tone Handle.  Soldier, Sailor, and Marine, Here’s a shave that’s quick and clean, Burma-Shave!


  • Gem Safety Razor – Twist Open, WWII Reproduction Gem Box



  • Green Terry Cloth Towel

  • Leather Shaving Strop


    You can’t get a good straight razor shave without a strop.  These are modern manufacture and genuine leather.

  • Mennen Brushless Shave Box, WW2 Reproduction

    Mennen Brushless Shave Box 1940s WWII Reproduction


    Our WWII Mennen Brushless Shave Box is a Reproduction WWII box.  Our WWII Mennen Shave Box is marked “For Armed Forces Only” and is empty.

  • WWII Molle Shaving Cream Box

    Molle Shaving Cream Box, WWII Reproduction


    Our WWII Molle shaving cream box is a reproduction of one in our collection. Add your own tube of shaving cream.

  • Navy Toiletry Apron Roll Gift Set, WWII WW2

    Navy Toiletry Apron Roll Gift Set, WWII USN Reproduction


    Our Toiletry Apron Roll Gift Set includes:G.I. Toiletry Apron Roll in OD Green, Toothbrush, Marvis Toothpaste, Shaving Brush, and Gem Safety Razor.

  • Old Spice Aftershave Lotion

  • Razor Blades


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