Toiletries were usually among a GI’s only personal items that he could carry with him into battle.  The simplicities of life often involved a bar of soap, a toothbrush, and a comb.  Despite the fact that toiletries were sold by the Post Exchange and Ship Stores and distributed by the Red Cross and other charity organizations, there were still reported problems with shortages of basic personal items.  On the homefront, stores and catalogs advertised an assortment of pouches, bags, cases, and gift sets to keep your favorite soldier clean and tidy.   Interestingly, these were often available without the use of ration points, as long as they were sent to military personnel.

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  • 1940s Lifebuoy Bar Soap – small size

  • 1940s Lifebuoy Soap – Large Bath Size


    This soap is a WWII reproduction of a bath-sized Lifebuoy soap.  Inside the reproduction cardboard box packaging is a usable bar of modern Lifebuoy soap.

  • Arrid Underarm Cream Deodorant

  • Black Pocket Comb

  • WWII Colgate Tooth Powder reproduction, ww2

    Colgate Tooth Powder


    Our WWII Colgate Tooth Powder Reproduction is a reproduction label over a modern Colgate Tooth Powder.

  • Ditty Bag Gift Set, WWII WW2

    Ditty Bag Gift Set, WWII US Army, USMC, & WAC


    Our Toiletry Apron Roll Gift Set includes:G.I. Toiletry Apron Roll in OD Green, Toothbrush, Marvis Toothpaste, Shaving Brush, and Gem Safety Razor.

  • Double-sided Signal or Shaving Mirror with Bag, WWII Reproduction


    Our Shaving Mirror comes with a protective OD Green bag cover, like one of the types of Mirrors used during WWII.

  • Foot Powder



  • Green Terry Cloth Towel

  • Lava Soap, WWII US Army Reproduction


    This box is a reproduction of WWII Lava soap box.  Inside the reproduction box is a bar of modern Lava soap.

  • Linetti Brilliantine Solid for Hair

    Linetti Brilliantine Solid for Hair


    Linetti Brilliantine Solida is a petroleum jelly based Hair treatment that is made to keep your hair healthy and in control.

  • Marvis Toothpaste in a Metal Tube


    Marvis toothpaste is an Italian imported toothpaste, packaged in an appropriate WWII style metal tube and screw cap.

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