Field Disk and Office Supplies

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  • Autopoint Pencil with WWII Reproduction Instructions


    Every Field Desk needs an Autopoint Mechanical Pencil.

  • Cellulose Tape in Invasion Packaging


    WWII reproduction cellulose tape box with a useable roll of cellulose tape inside.  This box contains the beach landing instructions to seal the rifle barrel and would have been issued on the eve of D-day.

  • Fountain Pen ww2

    Fountain Pen, WWII Style

    A Fountain Pen is the proper writing tool for every WWII soldier.  Our modern Fountain Pens come in a variety of styles, Black, Red, Red Marble and Brown Marble.

  • Ink for your Fountain Pens


    Here is a glass bottle filled with modern ink, to complement your WWII office or field desk kit and to fill your Fountain Pen.

  • Map Grease Pencil, Black


    During WWII, Black Grease Pencils were used to mark out strategies and troop placement on maps.

  • Map Grease Pencil, Red


    During WWII, Grease Pencils were used to mark out strategies and troop placement on maps.

  • No. 2 Pencil


    This is a modern No. 2 Pencil, the same kind as they used during WWII.

  • Paper Clips


    A reproduction of 1940’s Modern Paper Clips.  Inside the reproduction box are modern paper clips.

  • Rubber Bands, WWII U.S. Army Reproduction


    A reproduction of 1940’s Empire Rubber Bands box.

  • Ruler, Wood


    As used in WWII, here is a modern wood ruler.  A good addition to a field office impression.

  • U.S. Army Writing Pad


    A reproduction of the US Army Writing pad that is sized to fit inside the US Army Leather Portfolio.

  • US German Target Pad


    Shoot at it, pin it in your footlocker,  or even write on it.  Our reproduction shooting target is the silhouette of a German Soldier.

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