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    Marine Corps Cap Pin USMC WW2 WWII

    Marine Corps Cap Pin, Eagle Globe Anchor, USMC

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    Marine Corps Insignia Eagle Anchor Globe WW2 WWII

    Marine Corps Insignia, Eagle Globe Anchor

  • Military Style Quartz Watch

  • Military Style Watchband on WWII Reproduction Card, US Army

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    O. D. Green Knee Socks

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    O. D. Green Socks, WWII British Army Style

  • OD Green Military Style Bandana

  • OD Green Military Style Handkerchief

  • WWII Knitted Wristlet Red Cross Pattern WW2

    OD Green Wristlets / Wrist Hand Warmers, WWII U.S. Army

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    Officer Cavalry Pin WW2 WWII

    Officer Cavalry Pin, US Army

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    Officer Infantry Pin 22K Gold Plated

    Officer Infantry Pin, US Army 22K Gold Plated

  • WWII Paratrooper Airborne Sweatshirt

    Paratroops Sweatshirt with V notch, WWII US Army


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