Historically Accurate WWI reproduction rations and personal items for German and American troops.

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  • American

    American (25)

    WWI US Army props and reproductions
  • German

    German (7)

    WWI German and Austro-Hungarian reproductions
  • WWI WWII Tommy Cooker

    British Tommy Cooker, WWI & WWII Reproduction


    Our Tommy Cooker is a  WWII British Reproduction,

  • Palmolive Soap reproduction wwi ww1 wwii ww2New

    Palmolive Soap Reproduction, WWI & WWII


    Our Palmolive Soap Reproduction is a modern bar of Palmolive Soap wrapped in a WWI package.  The Palmolive Soap package stayed the same from WWI through WWII.


  • WWI Black Shoe Polish, WW1New

    WWI Black Shoe Polish, French Creme Eclipse


    The WWI Black Shoe Polish Reproduction by the French company, Creme Eclipse, contains modern black shoe polish.


  • WWI British Relief Association Pin Back, WW1New

    WWI British Relief Association Pin Back


    The WWI British Relief Association Pin is a reproduction of a WWI propaganda pin back, from St. Louis, July 4th, 1916..  The pin is approximately 1 3/4″ in diameter.



  • WWI Colgate Shaving Stick Reproduction, WW1New

    WWI Colgate Shaving Stick Reproduction


    The WWI Colgate Shaving Stick is in a reproduction box with a modern shaving soap stick inside.


  • WWI Colgate Toothpaste, WW1 reproductionNew

    WWI Colgate Toothpaste, Ribbon Dental Cream


    The WWI Colgate Toothpaste Reproduction Box, also known as Ribbon Dental Cream, has a modern tube of Colgate Toothpaste inside.


  • WWI Comfort Kit inside, WW1New

    WWI Comfort Kit – American Red Cross pattern


    This reproduction WWI Comfort Kit is made using the original Red Cross pattern in a khaki cotton twill, as prescribed, and is trimmed with the appropriate khaki twill and bias tape.

    Comfort kits were stocked with shaving items, sewing items, and other sundries, such as pipes, tobacco, games, and writing kits.




  • WWI Comfort Kit BagNew

    WWI Comfort Kit Bag


    The WWI Comfort Kit Bag had an inside strap that was used to hold sewing supplies.  The Comfort Kit Bag was filled with toiletries and other comforts from home and sent overseas to their Doughboy.


  • WWI Durham Tobacco, WW1 smokingNew

    WWI Durham Tobacco Reproduction


    The WWI Durham Tobacco is a reproduction bag, filled with cotton balls.  The Durham Smoking Tobacco does not contain any Tobacco products.


  • WWI Folding Comb, WW1 Mustache combNew

    WWI Folding Comb for hair and mustaches


    The WWI Folding Comb reproduction is made of ox horn.  During WWI, this kind of comb would also be used as a mustache comb.


  • WWI Foot Powder, WW1 reproductionNew

    WWI Foot Powder, US Army Reproduction


    The WWI Foot Powder Reproduction Box is empty.


  • WWI For the Boys Over There Pin Back, WW! United WarWork CampaignNew

    WWI For the Boys Over There Pin Back


    The WWI For the Boys Over There Pin is a reproduction of a WWI propaganda pin back for the United War Work Campaign.  The pin is approximately 1 1/2″ in diameter.



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