WWI US Army props and reproductions used during the First World War.

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  • 1917 .45 Colt Revolver Hip Holster, US Army Repro

  • WWI WWII Tommy Cooker

    British Tommy Cooker, WWI & WWII Reproduction

  • Palmolive Soap reproduction wwi ww1 wwii ww2

    Palmolive Soap Reproduction, WWI & WWII

  • Red Cross Medic Armband / Brassard, US Army Reproduction

  • Veterinary Armband / Brassard, WWI & WWII US Army Reproduction

  • WWI Chesterfield Cigarette Carton Box Reproduction, WW2

    WWI Chesterfield Cigarette Carton Reproduction

  • WWI Colgate Shaving Stick Reproduction, WW1

    WWI Colgate Shaving Stick Reproduction

  • WWI Colgate Toothpaste, WW1 reproduction

    WWI Colgate Toothpaste, Ribbon Dental Cream

  • WWI Comfort Kit inside, WW1

    WWI Comfort Kit – American Red Cross pattern

  • WWI Comfort Kit Bag

    WWI Comfort Kit Bag

  • WWI Durham Tobacco, WW1 smoking

    WWI Durham Tobacco Reproduction

  • WWI Folding Comb, WW1 Mustache comb

    WWI Folding Comb for hair and mustaches


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