WWI German and Austro-Hungarian reproductions

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  • WWI German Bandage reproduction WW1

    WWI German Bandage Reproduction


    The WWI German Bandage Reproduction contains a modern gauze bandage roll.


  • WWI German Feldpost Box

    WWI German Feldpost Box Reproduction


    The WWI German Feldpost Box Reproduction is a two part box and is empty.


  • WWI German Handkerchief Reproduction, WW1

    WWI German Handkerchief Reproduction


    The WWI German Handkerchief Reproduction is marked with B.A. VI. 1916.


  • WWI German Matchbox, WW1 Auto Holzer

    WWI German Matchbox Auto Holzer


    The WWI German Matchbox is a reproduction of the Auto Holzer Match box.


  • WWI German Matches, WW2 Reproduction

    WWI German Matches Auto Holzer, 12 Match boxes


    The WWI German Matches Reprodution is a pack of 12 Auto Holzer Match Boxes.


  • WWI German Towel Reproduction, WW1

    WWI German Towel


    The WWI German Towel reproduction has the markings     K.G.   M. 1915 and is approximately 28 inches by 28 inches.


  • WWI Wood Toothbrush

    WWI Wood Toothbrush Reproduction


    The WWI Wood Toothbrush is a modern wooden handled toothbrush with soft bristles.



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