post-1529-1328375967  While not yet it’s own branch of the military, the USAAF had specialized gear and equipment for both fliers and ground crew.

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  • 1st Lieutenant Bars Rank

  • 2nd Lieutenant Rank

  • AAF Army Air Force Wing & Prop PT Shirt


    This U.S. Army Air Force PT shirt is a reproduction of an original WWII design from my collection.

  • AAF Army Air Force Wing & Prop Women’s PT Shirt


    WWII Army Air Force Wing and Prop style t-shirt as worn by WACS, WASP, and Flight Nurses.

  • AAF Medical Corps Shirt WWII Army Air Force t-shirt, WW2

    AAF Medical Corps Shirt, Men’s WWII reproduction


    This Army Air Force Medical Corps PT shirt is a reproduction of an original WWII AAF Medical Corps Shirt from my collection.  This t-shirt would have been worn by medics and doctors in the Army Air Force during WWII.

  • Airborne Parachute Badge / Jump Wings

  • Aviator Sunglasses, Green USAAF style


    Green Glass, AAF style Aviator Sunglasses

  • Captain Rank

  • Dog Tag Silencers


    Dog Tag Silencers or Dog Tag Warmers were sent to the GI’s from home.  It was part of the Home Front’s Knit Your Bit.

  • Double-sided Signal or Shaving Mirror with Bag, WWII Reproduction


    Our Shaving Mirror comes with a protective OD Green bag cover, like one of the types of Mirrors used during WWII.

  • Emergency Signaling Mirror ESM/1 and Box, WWII Reproduction

  • Field Emergency Cooker, WWII Reproduction


    Our Field Cooker is a  WWII Reproduction.

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