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  • 101st Paratroops Airborne Division PT Shirt, US Army WWII Reproduction


    This U.S. Army 101st Infantry PT shirt is a reproduction from an original WWII PT shirt and is screened by hand so variation in colors naturally occur.

  • 1944 Original US Army Waterproof Pistol Bag


    Prior to D-day, waterproof bags were issued to soldiers to protect their side arms and ammunition from water damage.

    This is an original, dated 1944, Military Waterproof Pistol Bag.  The official name is – Covers, Waterproof, Pistol or Personal Effects.

  • Airborne Blousing Garters Pair, Airborne

    Airborne Blousing Garters Pair, Paratrooper, OD Green


    Our Airborne Blousing Garters are a pair of modern O.D. Green blousing garters made of elastic.

  • Airborne Parachute Badge / Jump Wings

  • WWII Benzedrine Sulfate Box, ww2 reproduction

    Benzedrine Sulfate Box, WWII Reproduction


    Our repro WWII Benzedrine Sulfate Box is a reproduction of the original pill box that was included in many medical first aid and escape kits and was used to distribute drugs to various units. It is an EMPTY box for your display.

  • Brass Clicker Cricket


    Our Brass Clicker / Clacker / Cricket is a Commemorative Reproduction of the Crickets used by the 101st during WWII D-Day.

  • Camouflage Face Paint


    This modern Camouflage Face Paint / Make Up is great for reenactments with its easy to apply 2 color tube.

  • Cellulose Tape in Invasion Packaging


    WWII reproduction cellulose tape box with a useable roll of cellulose tape inside.  This box contains the beach landing instructions to seal the rifle barrel and would have been issued on the eve of D-day.

  • D-Day Invasion Flag Patch, WWII Reproduction

  • Dog Tag Silencers


    Dog Tag Silencers or Dog Tag Warmers were sent to the GI’s from home.  It was part of the Home Front’s Knit Your Bit.

  • Double-sided Signal or Shaving Mirror with Bag, WWII Reproduction


    Our Shaving Mirror comes with a protective OD Green bag cover, like one of the types of Mirrors used during WWII.

  • Emergency Signaling Mirror ESM/1 and Box, WWII Reproduction


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