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  • Cellulose Tape in Invasion Packaging


    WWII reproduction cellulose tape box with a useable roll of cellulose tape inside.  This box contains the beach landing instructions to seal the rifle barrel and would have been issued on the eve of D-day.

  • WWII Ice Cream Box, ww2 reproduction

    WWII Ice Cream Box Reproduction, D-Day Air Sickness Box


    Reproduction Ice Cream box. The Army meant for these small boxes to be used to distribute servings of ice cream to troops.  However, several Airborne veterans’ accounts mention that these boxes were, at the last moment, handed out to paratroopers as air sickness boxes prior to the D-day drop.

  • WWII Rupert Paradummy, WW2

    WWII Rupert Paradummy, Airborne Paratrooper Decoy Reproduction


    The WWII Rupert Paradummy is a reproduction of the decoys that were used during D-Day.  This Rupert is made out of canvas and is sent to you unstuffed.

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