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  • Biscuit Ration – Union Keks


    WWII German Union Keks Biscuit Ration reproduction package.

  • Bread – Dauerbrot

  • Daimon Focus Flashlight Reproduction Box, WWII German Wehrmacht Army


    This WWII Daimon Focus Flashlight Reproduction Box is empty and is for display.

  • Eckstein Cigaretten, WWII German Army Cigarette Ration


    Our Eckstein Cigaretten German Cigarette box is reproduction, liked the one used during WWII.

  • Frucht – Riegel, WWII German Army Fruit Bar Ration


    World War Two German Army reproduction Fruit Ration bar, Frucht-Riegel.

  • German Cheese Box, Adler, WWII Reproduction

  • German Cheese Box, Camembert, WWII Reproduction

  • German Cheese Box, Champignon, WWII Reproduction

  • German Cheese Box, Karwendel, WWII Reproduction

  • German Friction Tape, WWII Reproduction


    German Vorwerk Friction Tape is a WWII era reproduction wax wrapped friction tape.

  • Placeholder

    German Kulturit Soap

  • German Puck Soap


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