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  • Web Black Belt with solid face Brass Buckle, WWII US Navy and Merchant Marines

  • Women’s Navy WAVES PT Shirt

  • WWII Knit for Defense Watch Cap

    WWII “Knit for Defense” Watch Cap Reproduction

  • WWII Navy Pennant, WW2

    WWII Navy Pennant Reproduction, USN

  • New

    Patrol Squadron WWII T shirt AAF WW2

    WWII Patrol Squadron T Shirt, USN, US Navy

  • WWII PT Shirt, WW2

    WWII PT Shirt, Reproduction

  • WWII Sub Base T Shirt, WW2 New London Connecticut reproduction

    WWII Sub Base T Shirt, U.S. Navy USN New London Conn

  • WWII Toothbrush ww2

    WWII Toothbrush Replica – faux Bone handle

  • WWII U.S. Pillowcase Reproduction

  • WWII US Navy Sweatshirt WW2 USN

    WWII US Navy Sweatshirt with V notch Reproduction

  • WWII US Navy T Shirt WW2 USN

    WWII US Navy T Shirt, USN Reproduction

  • WWII USN Navy Towel, WW2

    WWII USN Navy Towel Reproduction, United States Navy


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