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  • AAF Medical Corps Shirt WWII Army Air Force t-shirt, WW2

    Flight Nurse Shirt, WWII AAF Women’s reproduction


    This U.S. Army Air Force Medical Corps PT shirt is a reproduction of an original WWII T-shirt from my collection.

  • WWII Nurse T Shirt WW2 repro

    WWII Nurse T Shirt, U. S. Army Camp McCoy Repro


    This WWII Nurse T shirt is a reproduction of an original WWII PT shirt from a photograph.  This WWII U. S. Army Nurse PT Shirt has Camp McCoy Wisconsin on the front with the Medical Caduceus having the letter “N” in the center.

  • WWII Turban, ww2

    WWII Turban


    This WWII Turban is made from a WWII pattern, perfect for holding (or hiding) your hair in its set or in curlers.  Every WAC, Nurse and WAVE should have them in their footlocker or kit.  This style Turban was worn by the Americans and the British.

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