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  • Black Service Tie

  • Blue Gray Wristlets / Wrist Hand Warmers, WWII German or British RAF

  • WWII Fifinella WASP Mascot Stuffed Gremlin Toy

    Fifinella WASP Mascot, WWII Gremlin Stuffed Toy

  • Gift of the Canadian Red Cross Soap Bar, WWII Reproduction

  • WWII Gremlin Gus

    Gus the WWII Gremlin Stuffed Toy, Reproduction

  • Original WWII British Engineer / Respirator Bag

  • Original WWII British Map Case Clip Board

  • Prisoners’ Parcels British Red Cross & Order of St. John War Organization, POW

  • New

    RAF blue polka dot scarf WWII WW2 British Royal Air Force

    RAF Blue Polka Dot Scarf, WWII British Royal Air Force

  • RAF Royal Air Force Handkerchief, WWII British Army Reproduction

  • RAF Royal Air Force Identity ID Card, Form 1250, WWII British Army Reproduction


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