Signal Corps

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  • Bulldog Friction Tape, WWII Reproduction

  • Double-sided Signal or Shaving Mirror with Bag, WWII Reproduction


    Our Shaving Mirror comes with a protective OD Green bag cover, like one of the types of Mirrors used during WWII.

  • Electrician’s / Engineer’s Pocket Knife


    This Electrician’s pocket knife has 3 blade fold outs.

  • Electrician’s / Engineer’s Pocket Knife, “Be Prepared”


    This Electrician’s pocket knife states “Be Prepared”on the handle.

  • Emergency Signaling Mirror ESM/1 and Box, WWII Reproduction

  • Signal Corps U.S. Army BA-30 Battery Box, WWII Reproduction


    The Signal Corps Battery box is a reproduction of the WWII U.S. Army box.

  • TL-29 Utica 3 Blade Electrician’s / Engineer’s Pocket Knife


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