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  • Ceremonial Dress SS Knife, WWII German Schutzstaffel Reproduction

  • German Sport Shirt

  • German SS Journal Book, WWII Reproduction


    This Black faux leather SS Journal Book has blank pages inside for your use.

  • Iron Cross 1st Class, 1939, Silver Finish

  • Pocket Knife, WWII German SS Schutzstaffel Reproduction


    The WWII German SS Reproduction Pocket Knife is 3 1/2 inches closed with 3 blades and a brass handle.

  • SS – Reich Towel, WWII Reproduction

  • SS Dagger / Sword / Saber Fastener, WWII German Reproduction


    Our SS Sword / Dagger / Saber Fastener is Black and made of Leather.

  • SS Handkerchief, WWII German Army Reproduction


    The SS Handkerchief  is a WWII German Army Reproduction.

  • SS Pocket Knife, WWII German Army


    This SS Pocket Knife is a reproduction of a WWII style knife.

  • SS Proficiency Sport Badge, Bronze Finish

  • SS Proficiency Sport Badge, Silver Finish

  • SS Schutzstaffel Black Sport Shirt



    This SS Black Sport Shirt is a reproduction of the WWII Black SS Sport Shirt worn during the 1936 Olympics.

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