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  • .45 Caliber Magazine Pouch, WWII Reproduction US Army


    This .45 Caliber Magazine Pouch is a WWII Reproduction.

  • 1936 Suspenders, WWII Reproduction US Army


    These Suspenders are a Reproduction of the 1936 Style WWII Suspenders.

  • 1942 Combat Knife with Leather Sheath, WWII US Army Reproduction


    This Combat knife is 13 inches long with the Leather sheath and is a reproduction of a WWII Combat Knife

  • Cellulose Tape in Invasion Packaging


    WWII reproduction cellulose tape box with a useable roll of cellulose tape inside.  This box contains the beach landing instructions to seal the rifle barrel and would have been issued on the eve of D-day.

  • D-Ration 2 ounce Mold kit with Mold and 4 WWII USMC Marines 2 oz D ration boxes


    Our reusable D-ration molds are made from original molds and are made of food safe plastic.  The 2 ounce D Ration boxes are WWII Reproductions.

  • Electrician’s / Engineer’s Pocket Knife


    This Electrician’s pocket knife has 3 blade fold outs.

  • Electrician’s / Engineer’s Pocket Knife, “Be Prepared”


    This Electrician’s pocket knife states “Be Prepared”on the handle.

  • M1 Ammunition Bag, WWII US Army Reproduction


    This Lightning Pack is a WWII reproduction.

  • OD Green Wristlets / Wrist Hand Warmers, WWII U.S. Army


    WWII reproduction OD Green Wool Wristlets / Wrist Hand Warmers are made by Mom from a WWII knitting pattern.

  • Original Military Camouflage Face Paint Stick, WWII US Army


    The Original Military Camouflage Face Paint Stick is for display only.

  • Parade Sling for MI Garand or 1903 Springfield – Model 1907, WWII Reproduction US Army


    Our Parade Sling Reproduction for the M1 Garand or 1903 Springfield is made of leather and measures approximately 1 1 /4 inches.

  • WWII Guam T shirt

    Souvenir of Guam 1945, South Pacific Theater, WWII Guam T Shirt


    This Souvenir of Guam, WWII Guam T shirt is a reproduction from an original WWII design. The shirt says “Souvenir of Guam 1945” with a girl in a bathing suit design.

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