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  • WWII Fifinella WASP Mascot Stuffed Gremlin Toy

    Fifinella WASP Mascot, WWII Gremlin Stuffed Toy


    This WWII Fifinella Gremlin Stuffed toy is a reproduction of the stuffed doll that was created by the Walt Disney company for the WWII movie “The Gremlins” by Roald Dahl.

  • WWII WASP T shirt WW2

    WWII WASP T Shirt, 5th Ferrying Group ATC, Women’s WAFS


    This WWII WAFS T shirt is a reproduction of an original WWII PT shirt from our collection.  This WWII Air Transport Command PT Shirt has 5th Ferrying Group Air Transport Command Love Field Texas on the front with the Air Transport Command Insignia in the center.

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