10 Carlisle Packet Box, WWII First Aid


The 10 Packet Carlisle Box is a WWII reproduction of First Aid supplies and is empty. It does not contain any Carlisle Bandages.

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The 10 Packet Carlisle Master Box is a WWII reproduction of a First Aid supply box and is an empty carton.  It does not contain any Carlisle Bandage tins.  These boxes are perfect for filling out a medical display.

This box held 10 small Carlisle bandage tins. Carlisle bandages came in tins with sulfa, which fit into the Carlisle bandage pouch on every GI’s web belt.  Small and large size Carlisle bandages were also issued in cardboard boxes. They were a required component of most

At just over 8″ tall, the Carlisle master carton is great for use where a single small Carlisle bandage box aren’t visible. We recommend these Carlisle bandage cartons for theatrical productions to create the illusion of a well-stocked medical tent without all the bulk.

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