1942-43 Lucky Strike White Cigarette Pack


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Lucky Strike green “has gone to war” in late 1942 and changed the color of their Cigarette packs to white.

This WWII-era reproduction of a Lucky Strikes cigarettes pack for display purposes only.  Box contains no actual tobacco products.  Wrapped in cellophane, the Lucky Strike cigarette pack is stuffed for ease of use in a display.

The truth behind the Lucky Strike packs change had nothing to do with the war.  Market research showed that the green package was less popular with women. The design switch was completely coincidental with the US entry in WWII, and an advertising slogan was born.  According to wartime advertising, Lucky Strikes claimed that there was a shortage of the copper-based green ink used to produce the packets, so they were forced to switch to white. The campaign was so successful that the myth persists to this day.

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Weight12 oz

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