3 D-Ration Box, 4 ounces, WWII Field Ration Reproduction


WWII Three US Army Field Ration D Box is a  reproduction package of a D-ration box that contained three of the 4 ounce D Ration Bars. Like the original, our repro box is designed to fit three 4-oz bars wrapped in paper or cellophane.

The box is empty and contains no food product.


This is a WWII 3 D-Ration US Army Field Ration reproduction package of a box that contained 3 of the 4 ounce D Ration Bars.

The July 1942 D-ration specifications designate this as Type II packaging, defined as “three cellophane-wrapped D Ration Bars packaged in a paperboard carton coated with wax.” 8 of the three-bar boxes were then packed in a master carton.  The master cartons were to be then shipped in wooden crates.

The three-pack of D-rations was clearly designed to be a day’s worth of rations in a situation where K-rations weren’t feasible.  While these larger packs seem to be ideal for paratroopers, rangers, amphibious, and other forward troops, we’re unaware of any first-hand accounts that mention this type of packaging.

The 3 D-bar Ration boxes WERE a component USAAF Type B-1 Parachute Emergency Kit. It was paired with the Air Corps Special Ration, (later designated the Bail Out Ration) which also contained two-ounce D ration bars.

The box is empty and contains no food products.

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Weight6 oz

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