Midday Snack Ration, WWII British Army


The Midday Snack was a ration issued to the British Army during WWII.  The Midday Snack box is a reproduction of an original in our collection.

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The Midday Snack Ration is a reproduction box of an original Midday Snack box in our collection.

The Midday Snack Ration Box is empty, so you may fill it with the snack of your choice.

The Midday snack was a part of the Compo Ration and specifically was a component of the Pacific Compo Ration. (The Pacific version appears to have been a tin, much like the emergency ration)  The meal was designed to be taken on patrol.

Originally the Midday snack contained boiled sweets, crackers, a beverage packet, either cheese or jam and occasionally chocolate.

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