D-Ration Box US Army Pacific Theater, 4 ounces, WWII Field Ration Reproduction


The WWII  US Army Field Ration D, 4 ounces, PTO version contains the mosquito warning on the back. The box is empty and contains no food products.



The PTO Four Ounce D-ration package is for display purposes only. Contains no food product.

The back of the package includes a mosquito warning. Pacific Island mosquitos, who could easily breed year-round, were responsible for the rampant spread of malaria.  It’s estimated that 65% of American GIs stationed in the South Pacific suffered from malaria at some point. Medicine to treat malaria was in short supply throughout the war and long sleeves, pants, and mosquito net headcovers were uncomfortably hot in the jungle conditions.  And yet malaria had a significant impact on South Pacific operations.  Roughly a third of the defending American forces in the Philippine in 1942 were infected with malaria.

To educate soldiers  about the dangers of mosquitos, warnings were added to K-rations, D-rations, and matchbooks.

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Weight6 oz

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