Kool Cigarette Carton, WWII US Army Reproduction


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This is a pre-war / early war reproduction Kool carton.  The latest pack date that we’ve seen in this style carton with the coupon messaging is early 1942.  Prior to wartime rationing, B&W coupons were included in each pack, and 4 bonus coupons appeared in every carton.  As seen in the 1941 ad below, B&W coupons were redeemable for toasters, lighters, as1941 Koolhtrays, and, of course, Willie merchandise.

At some point during 1942, the carton with collectible coupons gave way to cartons sporting the cartoon version of Willie, which had been used in Kool’s advertising since the mid-1930s.

Kool advertised themselves as just that – a cooler smoke than regular cigarettes, which they called “hots”.  Early Kool advertising recommended smoking Kools during colds, for relief of smokers cough, and as a break from your regular cigarette brand.  Eventually, the concept of smoking Kools intermittently must have caught on, because advertising the the 40s shifted to encouraging part-time Kool smokers to make Kool their everyday brand.

Late 1930’s / Early 1940s Reproduction carton of Kool cigarettes for display purposes only.

Box contains no actual tobacco products.  Folds flat for easy storage between events.

This Kool Cigarette Reproduction Carton is of Museum quality and good for movies, theaters and reenactments.

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Weight8 oz

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