Late War K – Ration Box, Breakfast



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Later in the war, the US changed the packaging on their K rations in order to improve morale, with snappy designs on the same food.  These boxes contain no food, but are perfect for your display.

The box says:


Ration Type K

Open inn bag carefully.  It may be used as a waterproof container for matches, cigarettes and other items. For security, hide the empty can and wrapper so that they cannot be seen.

Meat and Eggs:  eat cold, or after heating by boiling can in water.  Assorted Biscuits – Coff:  add to one-third canteen cup of hot or cold water.  Fruit Bar:  eat cold or make into jaRationLateBreakfastFrontm by stewing 3 – 5 minutes in about 4 spoonfuls of water. Sugar – Chewing Gum – Cigarettes

Original WWII Breakfast late war k ration


Additional information

Weight6 oz

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