1940s Lifebuoy Bar Soap – small size



This soap is a WWII reproduction of Lifebuoy soap.  Inside the reproduction cardboard box packaging is a usable bar of modern Lifebuoy soap. This smaller bar is perfect for vintage travel kits that require a smaller than standard soap bar.  We also offer a larger, Lifebuoy bath-sized bar

Lifebuoy was a popular soap both by the British and the Americans. Lifebuoy was originally carbolic soap, which worked both as an antiseptic and a mild deodorant.  That’s why it claims to be a health soap.

While the Army did issue GI Soap,  soaps were px purchase items. Some manufacturers went as far as making a holiday gifts of soap to send to troops overseas.

Lifebuoy might be best known to modern audiences for its use in the movie A Christmas Story, where Ralphie waxes poetic about its taste after being forced to put it in his mouth as punishment for swearing.

soap lifebuoy

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Weight12 oz

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