Dummy Morphine Syrette U.S. Army, WWII Repro


Our WWII Reproduction U.S. Army Medical Department Morphine Syrette is made with a metal tube, plastic tubing and metal center piece.  The tube does NOT contain Morphine, it contain glue.

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Our WWII Reproduction dummy U.S. Army Medical Department Morphine Syrette is made with a metal tube, plastic tubing, and metal centerpiece.  The tube does NOT contain Morphine. Tubes contain hardened glue. The cap is not removable.

The syrette is approximately 3 inches in length. Individual and 5 unit boxes are also available.

Morphine syrettes were a component of several first aid kits. These included the Parachute First-Aid packet and the Aeronautic First Aid kit. They were also carried by field medics. Ten total morphine syrettes went into the field medic bag.

Used syrettes were pinned by their needle to a soldier’s field uniform (usually the collar, lapel, or epaulets),

The syrette was introduced in 1941 by Squibb, now Bristol-Myers Squibb, as a disposable alternative to standard syringes. Atropine was also distributed in syrette form.  Syrettes are often misspelled or pronounced as Styrettes.

This item is a dummy item meant for display only.

Made in the U.S.A. from imported materials.


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