Victory Factory Work Gloves, Rosie the Riveter


The Victory Factory Work Gloves are a reproduction of the style of Factory Safety Gloves that a WWII Rosie the Riveter would have worn.

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The Victory Factory Work Gloves are a reproduction of a pair of work gloves that we were asked to reproduce from an original in a private collection. The cuff is marked “Work For Victory.”

Made of Suede Leather, our Work for Victory Factory Work Gloves come in one size.

While not every Rosie the Riveter’s gloves were marked, there are at least 4 known variations of wartime manufacturing stamps, including this victory worker pattern.

During WWII, factory conditions were quite crude compared to modern times, mostly due to a lack of safety regulations. Unions tried to improve conditions for workers throughout the 1940s, but it was often up to the women themselves to make sure that they complied.

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