WWII .30-06 Ball Cartridge .30 M2 Ammo Box Reproduction


This .30 M2 Ball Cartridge Box is a reproduction of the standard cardboard ammo box used by the M1 Garand and Springfield rifles. The box is empty.

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This .30 M2 Ball Cartridge Box is a reproduction of the cardboard ammo box used during WWII. The box is empty.

This box is for the standard .30-06 round that was used by infantry troops in the M1 Garand and Springfield. The .30-06 or .30 M1906 round was redesigned in 1926 and redesignated the .30 M1 Ball round, and then again in 1938, when it became the .30 M2 Ball round.

Earlier boxes that pre-date the use of various types of rounds omit the color code and ball language. The Red stripe on the packaging indicates a standard ball round.

For display or use. Dividers are not included. To load the box with your ammo, simply use a pen knife to slit open the label at the edge of the box. We also offer unassembled box kits for bulk reloading. Please contact us for more details.

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Weight 6 oz

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