We have a huge library of research books to pull from, so this isn’t a complete list, but we’ll try to keep it updated with our favorites.

General GI Books

Individual Gear And Personal Items Of The Gi In Europe, 1942-1945

GI Collector’s Guide: Army Service Forces Catalog, U.S. Army European Theater of Operations Vol 1 and
Government Issue: U.S. Army European Theater of Operations Collector Guide Vol 2
These books are currently stupid expensive, but amongst my favorite general research books. They have their share of mistakes, especially with commercial personal items, but they’re the most comprehensive books on gear and equipment that I’ve seen.

The M-1 Helmet of the World War II GI

The M-1 Helmet: A History of the U.S. M-1 Helmet in World War II 


Gear Up!: Flight Clothing & Equipment of USAAF Airmen in WWII 

Flight Gear 1942-1945

Combat Flying Clothing: Army Air Forces Clothing during World War II

Silver Wings, Pinks & Greens: Uniforms, Wings & Insignia of USAAF Airmen in WWII

Airborne Books

Heroes In Our Midst, Volume 1: WWII American Airborne: Early Years, Training, Jump Wings, Parachutes, Jump Helmets, Paramarines

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